Boiler Service in Boscean

Gas Services

Offering a complete turnkey solution domestic and commercial gas applications / enquiries.  We are always happy to assist you with any gas requirements as gas is our core business, friendly and reliable.

Whether it be LPG or natural gas we are registered and qualified for both.

We keeping your domestic appliances in a good safe usable condition so that your families safety at home is taken care of.

  • Gas boiler servicing.
  • Gas boiler break downs.
  • Gas cookers
  • Gas ovens
  • Gas tumble dryers
  • Gas fridges
  • Gas lights
  • Gas fires

More on the commercial side

  • LPG bulk tank service works and installations.
  • Commercial gas boiler services & repairs.
  • Commercial piping installs, steel ,copper, S/S, MDPE etc.
  • Factory reticulation gas pipe works.
  • Gas meters diaphragm meters, turbine meters and impulse lines.
  • Machine conversions from electric to gas heating systems.
  • Furnace works, gas pipe trains and furnace repairs.
  • Rotary furnaces and repairs.
  • Gas boosters, gas pumps.
  • Thermal processing equipment servicing and repairs.
  • Gas vales regulators.
  • Underground or above ground piping systems.
  • System pressure testing to British standards.
  • Strength testing and purging in accordance with standards.
  • Piping modification and pipe fabrication.

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