At Plumbing Oil & Gas Services we are always willing to cover your needs.

Here is our most recent oil boiler service. The boiler is a Grant Vortex Blue flame 26 Kw unit. It was installed one year a go with a ten year warranty. We conducted a complete 2.5 hour service, covering the burner, flue, baffles, nozzle , hoses, filters and recommissioning into service. Finally on completion we issued annual service documentation.

If a new boiler is installed, to maintain the warranty an annual service is required. It is also important to check the water quality of the heating system, because if water quality is found to be in a substandard condition it can invalidate the manufactures warranty. Also it is good practice to ensure that the fresh cold water supply is within a specific PH level, if it is not it can also invalidate manufactures warranty. This boiler has now had its first annul service and is up to date ad ready for another year of service.

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