Welding Talland

Welding & Fabrication Services

Working in the oil, gas & mining industry for many years became a crucial part of our every day life to present specialist welding skills to maintain, install & services equipment to high standards.

Works undertaken are not limited to the bellow, get in touch for any further queries.

  • Gas pipeline works from ½” up to 24” shed 40 shed 80 and shed 160 carbon steel piping.
  • Roll grooving & Victaulic systems.
  • Copper and press fit up to 150mm ⌀.
  • Galvanized & plain screwed piping up to 4”.
  • HDPE, MDPE & LDPE all sizes butt welded and electro fused.
  • Boiler room modifications.
  • AHU pipe work installs and tie in’s.
  • Boiler room installations.
  • Pipe line repairs.
  • Heating system repairs.

  • On site fabrication and repair works is most welcome.
  • Repairs to farming agricultural implements and equipment.
  • Rubble skips.
  • Repairs to digger buckets and machine parts.
  • Furnace fabrication works on rotary furnaces, top hats, ovens etc.

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