Hiya! My names Burnadette.

Specializing in parrot nutrition, behaviour and training.

Our aim is to raise awareness that it is possible to share your life outside the house with your parrot. I am a firm believer that “pet” parrots should have as much freedom in and around the house as possible and not just be left in their cages all day. To me they are not just “a pet” but a beloved member of the family and to them we are their flock. I specialize in parrot nutrition, training and behaviour. Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions ~ ourlocoparrots@icloud.com.

Well Don’t be shy, come say hello when you see us out and about in and around cornwall / Devon and have your photo taken with us or follow us on:




My name is Manu and I am a cinnamon cockatiel.

My name is Fruity and i am a pineapple conure.
In loving memory of our precious girl Flash. Gotcha day 13/07/2018 – 20/07/2020

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